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VisionXP+ Vacuum

Energy-efficient system ensures reduced operating costs

The VisionXP+ is our best-in-class convection reflow soldering system which is clearly in line with the trend towards dealing with natural resources in an environmentally sound fashion. The industry s


Energy-efficient system ensures reduced operating costs

The VisionXP+ is our best-in-class convection reflow soldering system which is clearly in line with the trend towards dealing with natural resources in an environmentally sound fashion. The industry sector will have to do some rethinking – and machinery manufacturing won’t be able to ignore this development.

Rehm’s energy concept combines a top quality, sustainable production system with the requirements of modern manufacturing companies. Special emphasis was placed on energy-efficiency, reduced emissions and low operating costs during development of the VisionXP+.

With the help of the VisionXP+, our customers are verifiably able to reduce energy consumption by up to 20 % and produce 10 tons less CO2 per year on the average. A true energy wizard with outstanding performance.

Unique technological advantages:

  • Process stability
  • Environmentally aware management of resources
  • Greatly reduced consumption of energy, nitrogen and coolant water in the standby mode
  • Outside panel temperature of max. 15° C above room temperature
  • Noise level reduction to less than 70 dB
  • Full control thanks to monitoring of current, nitrogen and energy consumption for cooling
  • Durable insulation for greatly reduced transfer of heat to the environment
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Efficient residue management
  • Outstanding traceability through the use of numerous software tools

From zero to 240 °C: optimized, homogenous heat transfer

Each product has its own requirements in the manufacturing process. Optimized heat transfer over the entire soldering process is the basis for best possible results.
The VisionXP+ offers flexibly controllable preheating zones within which your PCB is preheated and prepared for the actual soldering process. The individual zones can be controlled independently of each other via fan frequency, and assure best possible processes. The VisionXP+ is equipped with special nozzle sheets for optimized heat transfer by means of uniform air flow over the PCBs.

Optimized heat transfer with minimal ΔT

Flow speeds in the upper and lower heat zones can be separately controlled, assuring that your PCB is heated up through and through – completely and uniformly. This prevents stressing of the material which can disturb the soldering process. Through the use of precision profiling, we’re able to perfectly match our systems to your requirements, and you profit from top quality soldering results.
A great advantage for your manufacturing process!

Getting safely from A to B: flexible conveyor systems

Lead-Free and Lead-Containing Processes in a Single System

Your PCB passes through various system segments during the soldering process: from the preheating zone to the peak zone, and finally to the cooling tract. The most important factor for continuous processing is reliable conveyance. Our systems provide users with a flexible conveyor.

Whether large or small, thick or thin, long or short – our conveyor systems can be ideally adapted to your PCB. Conveyor lanes and transport speed are flexibly adjustable. In this way, the VisionXP+ makes lead-free or lead-containing soldering processes possible in a single reflow system.

A clean machine: effective Residue Management

Pyrolysis Schematic

“Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall” – as is the case with all industrial processes, substances are generated during SMT production which have to be removed from the process cycle because they contaminate the system. Substances (residues) such as soldering vapors, soldering smoke and other organic compounds are emitted from the solder paste, the PCB and the components. Our highly effective residue management function purifies the process gas safely and reliably, and keeps your system clean. This provides for top quality soldering results, minimal downtime and a long service life for the machine. The residue management function included in the VisionXP+ combines two different modes of action: pyrolysis in the heat zone and cold condensation in the cooling tract’s filter units. Liquid and crystalline residues are effectively removed by means of this combination.

The cooling tract: Flexible – Efficient – High Performance

Our well-designed cooling system permits flexible manufacturing and best possible soldering results.
Depending on system type, the VisionXP+ is equipped with a 2, 3 or 4-stage cooling tract. The separately controllable fans in the individual zones allow for accurate control of the cooling process, and cooling gradients can be correspondingly influenced as well. This assure stress-free cooling for your PCBs to below 50° C, for lead-free soldering as well.

The cooling tract filters are easy to clean. They’re exchanged in sets at the back of the system. The process chamber doesn’t even have to be opened.

New! Individual Features: Vacuum Option

Energy-efficient, low maintenance and void-free – we offer innovative solutions for reflow soldering based on diverse options for the VisionXP+ system. A new vacuum model now permits convection soldering processes with partial vacuum – within a single process.

The VisionXP+ with vacuum option reliably removes pores, gas occlusions and voids immediately after the soldering process – while the solder is in an ideally molten state. Void rates of less than 2 % are made possible by vacuum of down to 2 mbar. Pressure and speed can be individually adjusted. This integrated solution results in a more time-efficient and stable production sequence. Time-consuming processing of the PCB in an external vacuum system is no longer necessary – the workpieces are transferred from the peak zones directly to the vacuum process.


Vacuum after the soldering process for fewer voids

  • Vacuum down to 2 mbar for reducing the number of voids in the solder joints
  • Three-part conveyor: preheating and peak zone, vacuum module, cooling tract
  • Infinitely adjustable, automatic advancing of the process chamber to the processing or the maintenance position
  • Clean vacuum chamber thanks to two pyrolysis units and separate filtering of the depressurized atmosphere in the vacuum chamber
  • Minimal downtime thanks to low maintenance
  • Outstanding cooling performance, cooling time can be extended by means of synchronization


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