AU 99

Au series online jet dispensing system

The Au series dispensing system has significant strength in cost performance. Being reliable, durable, and concisely designed, it can be applied to PCB and base materials of different specifications.



• High cost performance;

• Non-contact jet valve to realize smaller dispensing diameter and wider application area

•Jet valve can improve the reliability and uniformity of dispensing, and improve the output and material utilization rate;

• Minimum width of excessive glue can be controlled in 0.2mm(related to the configuration and glue);

• Chip edge identification is much more accurate than mark-point identification.

• ID identification, automatic program calling, fool-proofing and data statistics function helps to realize smart manufacturing.




• Underfill

• Pin encapsulation

• Conformal coating

• Edge/corner bonding

• Surface mounted package

• Package on package (POP)

• Dam & fill

• Red glue dispensing

• FPC reinforcement



Core part--jet valve JET7000

• Non-contact jet dispensing;

• High speed.Eliminates time cost on Z axis movement; max jet speed: 200 spots/second, 3-7 times higher than the traditional


• High accuracy; Min dispensing volume can be 5nl, with consistancy the traditional dispensing method can never mach

with ;

• Highly flexible; Non-contact to avoid the interference between needle and workplace; extremely small dispensing volume;

more applicable for the compact space

• Low maintenance cost and long service life

• Advanced mechanical design makes routine cleaning and maintenance easy; most advanced nanometer wear-resistant

material, 20 times higher than the common materials in respect of service life

• Own independent intellectual property rights;

• Thermostatic system for flow channel and sprayer to ensure the uniformity in glue temperature;

• the uniformity in glue temperature



Enhance the capacity

•  Non-contact jet dispensing to eliminatesl the time for Z-axis motion;

•  Non-contact jet speed: 200 spots/second;

•  Integrated temperature control technology to reduce the manual intervention;

•  Automatic glue compensation, and reduced artificial regulation time;

•  Dual-track design to cut down waiting time;

•  Automatic visual location identification and compensation;

•  Non-contact height detection with laser to reduce the height detection time;

•  Bad mark+ flying scan, rapid locating and NG board skipping.




•  Capable of handling substrates or backings of a variety of sizes in

order to adapt to requirements of a variety of customers;

•  Heating module optional;

•  Dual-track in independent control, software is easy to operate;

•  Enable to realize fast switching between different product-line;

•  Universal platform used for different processes with different glues.



•  Jet valve with independent intellectual property rights;

•  Durable; high quality with affordable cost;

•  More rapid response for spare parts supply and after-sales service;

•  Jet dispensing to reduce the yield rate loss;

•  dispensing volume evaluation to reduce material waste;

•  Smaller occupancy area;

•  High stability and low failure rate



DIC, short for Dynamite International Corporation, established in 1994, has been mainly engaging in production equipment sales, technical service and manufacturing process support.

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