AC 800

AC 800

Online conformal coating system AC-800 

Online conformal coating system AC-800 

The AC-800 conformal coating system is a high-performance coatingsystem designed for online production.


Product characteristics

•   High speed and stable operation;

•  Change of coating mode without interrupting the work to greatly improve the efficiency;

•  Flexible multi-axis control to realize difficult coating of complicated PCB;

•  The 3-mode spray valve of independent intellectual property rights can meet different coating demands;

•  Powerful process control capacity to ensure high coating quality and uniformity;

•  ID identification, automatic program calling, fool-proofing and data statistics function helps to realize smart manufacturing.


Characteristics of motion platform:

•  The rigid rack structure ensures the working endurance and operating stability;

•  The professional control card and high-quality motion configuration system lays asolid foundation for the high-speed and accurate motion.


Characteristics of D-axis:

•  Can be configured with dual-valve system;

•  Controlled by software during the dispensing;

•  Automatic switch of dispensing valves to make the complicated coating process become possible.


Software characteristics:

•  User friendly computer interface that can be easily learnt by fresh hand;

•  Rich functions ensure the complicated process can be complete;

•  Rapid programming greatly save the programming time.



Application fields:

•  Domestic appliance control panel;

•  Auto electronic control panel;

•  Military instrument and apparatus circuit board;

•  Computer control panel;

•  Industrial equipment control panel

•  Agricultural equipment control panel

•  Battery protection panel

•  LED control panel

•  Outdoor LED display

•  Frequency converter circuit board

•  Security and protection control panel

•  Motor control panel






DIC, short for Dynamite International Corporation, established in 1994, has been mainly engaging in production equipment sales, technical service and manufacturing process support.

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