PSA Nitrogen Generator System And TNSC High purity Purifier.

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PSA Nitrogen Generator System And TNSC High purity Purifier.

Smart PSA Nitrogen Generator

Adsorber Unique structural design, uniform gas diffusion, slight sieve vibration, long service life, professional pressure vessel design and manufacture. All criteria are complying with GB standards.



TNSC ATR system for power reduction that 15~20% with other brands.  

TNSC patent design for air inlet device and special tighten device for CMS.

TNSC high quality,high performance,long-term life time CMS.

TNSC N2 ppm grade Purifier to make N2 purity up to 99.9999%(O2 below than 1ppm). 

Unique structural design to make the silencer light and small, and can be placed inside of PSA's cabinet Filter Independent design and manufacture, utilize qualified material, high performance to achieve the PSA's purification air requirements. Control System

International renowned venders of PLC, solenoid valve, etc.

Equipped with multi-function alarm system to achieve reliable automatic operation.

Touch-in screen can display process parameters, operation data, maintenance records and historic operation data. Molecular Sieve

Significant energy saving, enhance performance up to 28%

Excellent wearing-resistance and particle strength to achieve long-life service of device.

R & D cooperation with Japanese company to establish our capability of production. Excellent Process Design

Enhance of the utilization rate of molecular sieve.




CMS performance analysis table.



Famous brand for major parts.



TNSC N2 ppm grade Purifier.








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