Market share number one in great China, best sales in Europe and America

Full-pneumatic stencil cleaning machine series



Full auto-control, no electricity needed

Cleaning effect

Accurate recycling filter system


Cleaning solvent greatly reduced, cost saving for solvent consumption.
Full-pneumatic control mechanism, no electric power, no spark from electricity.
Outstanding circulation system: With activated carbon and epoxy resin inside, filter can take out flux
and organic material from solvent which always has cleaning ability (Need to refill only)
Auto cleaning and air dry to stencil/PCB take 5 to 10 minutes
Mis-printed board or double-sided board can be cleaned with fixture simultaneously, and once for
several pieces
Air-tight double doors ensure no leakage during cleaning process, no smell in production
With safety devices, it is impossible to open doors during cleaning
Ordinary alcohol solvent can be used, it has better solubility to the flux in solder paste

Hardened solder paste left in through hole or flux experienced reflow soldering can thoroughly be cleaned away.


DIC, short for Dynamite International Corporation, established in 1994, has been mainly engaging in production equipment sales, technical service and manufacturing process support.

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