Microscope for checking BGA solder balls

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Microscope for checking BGA solder balls

Optilia visual microscope, a solution to effective cost saving






Flexia visual inspection system, providing with an advance microscope for visual inspection, as well as digital image record.

Dimension measurement and quality documentation. High flexibility and mobility, with several lenses for quick interchange.

Built-in lighting and micro-prism for viewing the bottom area of BGA

Appearance inspection

◎SMT solder joint and through hole assembly
◎PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly
◎Solder pad
◎The mixture of solder paste and flux
◎Digital image record
◎Software analysis
◎Non-contact dimension measurement
◎File and archive
◎Real-time display
◎BGA solder joint, m BGA, CSP and Flip-Chip package inspection




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