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VT-X700-E / -L

High-speed automated X-ray CT inspection system

The 3D-CT method enables the inspection of indistinct shapes which 2D or pseudo CT cannot detect. Making the impossible in design a reality!


Market Trends and Issues

VT-X700-E / -L Features 1
VT-X700-E / -L Features 2

Pinpoint Inspection

3D-CT Method

The cross-sectional images of relevant inspection targets can be easily ed from abundant camera-image libraries to ensure precise fault detection.

VT-X700-E / -L Features 4

Full coverage

High-Output X-Ray Source

Inspection of large-thickness PCBs and power devices is possible by combining a proprietary CT structuring technology with a high-output X-ray source.

VT-X700-E / -L Features 6

Compatibility with L-Sized (610 mm × 610 mm) PCBs

Compatible with large-sized PCBs such as those used by network base stations.


10% Reduction in Inspection Tact Time (Internal Comparison)

World's highest CT speed* thanks to our patent-approved technologies.
New imaging system reduced inspection tact times by 10% compared with conventional systems.
Enabled the complete inspection of all components
(almost impossible by visible light-based inspection).
* Based on an internal research conducted in January 2015.


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