High Performance Automation Rework

Robotic SMT Production, Rework & Assembly
Lead-Free Requirements
Seven Axes of High Automation
Multiple Field of View (MFOV)
Automated Precision Component Pick-Up


• 9 micron placement accuracy (0.0003”) @ 3 Sigma
• High volume rework
• Ultra-fast heat up for Lead-Free Rework
• Fast, controlled board cool down
• Process repeatability
• Uniform joint temperature
• Precision air flow
• Simple, fast & easy to use software
• Large, clear images for component alignment
• Components up to 3.0” (75mm)
• Micro site cleaning
• Clean and uniform pads for replacement device
• Solder dots or lines down to 0.010”
• Dispensing of solder paste, epoxy, under fill or flux"



0201 Removal
0201 Removal Video Clip
(See Micro Component Rework Kits)



Lead-Free Requirements
• Powerful 2000 watt top heater.
• Infra-red (IR) bottom heating technology. The heating element provides extremely uniform preheat over the entire surface. The bottom heating panel is 19" x 19" and features four (4) independently programmable heating zones (6000 watts).
• Programmable cold air injection and linear air knife provide precise cool down control to optimize time over reflow.
• Interactive thermal profiling provides "on-the-fly" adjustments.

Seven Axes of High Automation
• Control of X, Y, Z, Theta, Vision Zoom, Vision X & Vision Y.

Multiple Field of View (MFOV)
• Automatically indexes the camera to the four corners of large components up to 75mm.

Automated Precision Component Pick-Up
• Multi-position pick capability from large and small waffle trays, gel packs, tape and reel, and single component nest.
• Precision Micro-Force sensing provides the extremely low force needed to pick tiny, fragile devices.

Dispensing Technology
• Rework and low volume assembly of emerging technology typically requires integrated precision dispensing of solder paste, flux, epoxy or underfill.




Proprietary Non-Contact Site Cleaning
• NEW Micro Tip Site Clean Assembly (#1015.11.059) with a high temp, non-abrasive, composite vacuum micro tip with an inside diameter of 0.063".
• Composite vacuum tip with automatic height adjustment, automatically compensates for variable residual solder volume.
• Eliminates potential damage to pads or solder mask caused by contact-based methods.
• Especially critical for removal of Lead-Free solder with higher reflow temperature and for micro site cleaning of small, fragile pads/solder mask. Programmable micro tips remove solder from small sites without affecting adjacent devices.
• Powerful heat and vacuum, combined with high efficiency bottom heating, can also remove solder from barrels of through hole and Mictor connectors.
• Conductive heating/vacuum tips remove solder from 0201 and other pads where convective site cleaning can not be used.

Visual MachinesTM Software
• Graphical user interface provides a visual representation of the board and component locations to the operator. One or multiple component sites can be reworked during a single cycle.
• Expanding component library includes ready-made process sequences and thermal parameters for
Tin/Lead and Lead-Free components.




Pivoting IR Probe with Laser Pointer #0029.11.041

• Provides process repeatability by insuring that the board is at the exact same target temperature each time before localized reflow begins.
• Operator is instructed to position the sensor at the beginning of the process.
• Laser point provides a visual reference to the center of the IR sensor verifying position over the substrate at the same location as profiled.
• Pivot function allows positioning on small boards without interference of the nozzle heating throughout the rework processes.
• Non-contact temperature sensor monitors topside board temp and triggers localized reflow process once the target temperature is reached.

High Throughput Carousel Fixture for Small Board Rework #0029.15.041
• Rework capacity and process control for small boards can be substantially increased by the addition of the four-zone, high throughput carousel fixture.




Automatic Tool Changer with Component Pick, Prep & Drop
• ProvidesaAdditionalaAutomation &pProcesscControl
• Eliminates manual handling of hot nozzles
• Provides permanent locations & easy access for:
- Single component or multi-component pick stations
- Component dip stations (tacky flux or new dippable solder paste)
- Component drop off station
• Micro-force controlled component pick & prep
• Industrial grade steel design (each pocket arm weighs 14 lbs)
• Five pocket (#0029.14.010) or ten pocket system (#0029.14.011)


  Site Cleaning System #0029.03.012
• Includes Standard and Micro nozzles.
• High temperature composite vacuum tip eliminates metal-to-metal contact.
• Vacuum sensor automatically and continuously adjusts tip height, providing non-contact site cleaning.
• Various size heating noses and tips to clean virtually any site.
• Ready-to-use site cleaning programs for fully automated solder removal.
  Micro Component Rework & Site Cleaning Kits
Precision Rework in Four Simple Steps!
• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for various Ultra Micro and Micro Components

• Component specific Micro Tips for precision process operations



  Component Shuttle #0029.02.042
• Provides a safe, repeatable location for component pick up, flux dipping and drop off away from the heated work area.
• Eliminates manual component loading/removal in the heated work area.
• Software-controlled pneumatic shuttle enters the work area for pick up, flux dipping or drop off, then exits the work area.
• Shuttle-based component pick up and flux dipping is set and monitored with machine force placement system.
• Multi-location pick and flux dipping capability for multi-processing of small devices (custom tooling required).
  Direct View Camera with 20" Video Monitor #0029.04.041
• Provides high magnification site viewing including the ability to verify when component reflow has occurred.
• Operator is instructed to position the camera on the site. Focus, zoom, and lighting adjustments are made to optimize clarity. The image is displayed on a flat screen monitor.
• A process development aid especially for difficult to see tiny solder joints.
• Recommended for use in conjunction with the automatic site cleaning system to verify cleaning on dense assemblies and for the dispensing option to provide dispense inspection capability.
  Dispensing System #0029.08.010
• Provides on-machine dispensing of flux, solder paste, adhesive, epoxy or underfill.
• Proprietary time/pressure dispenser features automatic pressure compensation and programmable vacuum adjustment for accurate and repeatable results.
• Uses precision DL Technology dispense needles.
• Automatic pattern generation software to easily create dispensing patterns
• Note: dispensing requires ambient machine/ assembly temperature. Nozzle cool air injection and the board cooling system can be simultaneously activated to prepare the machine and assembly for dispensing, however this in not practical from a time standpoint for each individual rework process.
• The on-machine dispense option is typically used in either a batch mode or for low volume, specialty applications.
  Dipping Kit for Solder Paste or Flux #FASET1
• Superior to applying paste via component or board stencils
• Easier process, less operator involvement than stencils (consistent results)
• No component or board/pad coplanarity preparation issues
• No adjacent interference issues
• Excellent for extremely fine pitch, sphere or leaded size components
• One set of dipping pedestals replaces dozens of custom component stencils
  Ergonomic Workstation with CPU Holder #1003.05.010
Monitor Stand Option for Workstation #1003.05.005
Nozzle Stand Option for Workstation #1003.05.006
Locking Drawer Option for Workstation #1003.05.007

• Workstaton provides a self contained work cell environment for the machine and operator. Dimensions are 60"W X 36"D. Very sturdy construction with anti-static laminate surface. (Workstation includes CPU holder, everything else is an add on option).
  Universal Insertion Tool #AU6LGA47R
• Mechanically self-centers any device for accurate pick-up. Used in conjunction with the automatic component shuttle.
70mm (2.75") Topside Clearance #0029.01.052(standard is 30mm)
• Provides increased top side clearance for assemblies with vertical daughter cards or tall devices that exceed the standard 30mm (1.2”) top side clearance.

Fume Extraction Manifold #300.00.547
• Removes flux vapors for operator health and safety.
• Includes fume extraction manifold and hose assembly.
• Requires connection to a central exhaust or self-contained filtering system.

Four Additional Thermocouple Ports #300.00.504

Thermocouple Organizer #0024.90.047


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